Take some time to think about your priorities, stressors, habits and benefits. These lists will help you focus on what is already being done and what needs to be done to put you on the path toward success.

Don’t forget to include steps for how you are going to achieve your goals.

Are you going to use accountability partners?

Are there any costs associated with your plan?

What resources do you have available?

Who is your advisory team?

Do you need help to achieve your plan?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are 5 traits that all successful entrepreneurs have.

Those traits are:





risk taking

We will delve into all 5 of these traits soon but I wanted you to assess yourself in terms of those

5 traits. If you can’t check these boxes, it does not mean you can’t be an entrepreneur.

However, it may take a little push in the right direction to move you toward your goal.

Take some time clearly identify what you are passionate about when it comes to your career.

What motivates you? Write down how to use that motivation to achieve success.

What are some creative ways you can achieve your goals?

How can optimism assist with your plan for your business?

Success comes with taking risks. What are you willing to do?

The time is now to start your new journey.

Think and dream big. Get to writing and get to planning.

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