Dr. Paula Newsome is passionate about her patients and others taking care of their mind, body and spirit.

She is the CEO of Advantage Vision Center. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the University of  Alabama Birmingham Medical Center (School of Optometry).


As a single mother, there have been several firsts for Dr. Newsome. She was the first African American female in the country to become a fellow in the prestigious Academy of Optometry. She was the first African American female optometrist to start a practice in the state of North Carolina. She personally knows that with a good plan, execution and focus with God, all things are possible.  

Dr. Newsome has completed the NC Real Estate course and has a mortgage broker license.  She has bought and sold real estate for several years.  She even found the time to start 3 investment clubs.

Dr. Newsome has provided free eye care and free eye wear to thousands of people in North Carolina along with thousands on numerous continents.

Sit back and enjoy the pearls of  wisdom, this industry giant and humanitarian shares.